Scottish-born Paolozzi was a pioneer of Britain's Pop art movement and integral to the history of postwar British art, having co-founded the Independent Group. His fascination with mass imagery began whilst Eduardo was in his family shop, where he encountered cigarette packets emblazoned with the famous faces of Hollywood. His fascination with pop culture, particularly in America, grew and he kept a scrapbook of his findings spliced together.

Paolozzi compulsively collected icons and jumbled them together, transforming everyday images into art and icons. From the 1950s to the 1960s, like his contemporaries Richard Hamilton and David Hockney, Paolozzi was inspired to use printmaking to create his artistic image.

Hero1600x630-21 Eduardo Palozzi, General Dynamic F.U.N series, 1960-1975
Image: Southbank Centre

Hero1600x630-e1f3b324-1ba0-405c-bf76-64785c7d4fca Eduardo Palozzi, General Dynamic F.U.N series, 1960-1975
Image: Southbank Centre

It was from the 1960s that his pursuit for printmaking rocketed, during this time he created the General Dynamic F.U.N (1965-1970.) His companion and collaborator, dystopian writer J.G. Ballard described the catalogue of works as 'unique guidebook to the electric garden of our minds.'

115 Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, Twenty traumatic twinges from the General Dynamic F.U.N series 1965-1970
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The revolutionary mediums of printmaking, screen printing and photo lithography were well-suited to Paolozzi's collages. The F.U.N series illustrates how the self-styled 'wizard in Toytown' employed the technologies of mass-reproduction to gorge on its idols – the household names and familiar faces of consumer advertising, high fashion and Hollywood in the 1960s.

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