In the 2014 Artprice report, the 500 most expensive artists ranking featured five street artists: the elusive Banksy came in at number 58, with Obey (274th) JonOne (316th) KAWS (343rd) and Seen (437th) all making the list. Their places in the list proved that this art form has great stability on the secondary market.

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Talent, technique, presence at art fairs, gallery and museum representation and their market value are all factors that contribute to these five artists becoming key players in the contemporary art market.

Banksy: the mysterious one

The enigmatic British street artist is known for his stencil works which look at current events through a satirical lens.

His works first emerged in Bristol around 1993. Today, his works involve covering the walls of the biggest cities on the planet. The street art star has chosen to remain anonymous.

Nobody Likes Me, 2014 Banksy Nobody Likes Me, 2014
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Obey Giant: the one with all the propaganda

Famous for having created and launched the successful brand Obey, Shepard Fairey became known worldwide during the 2008 American election campaign for his Barack Obama HOPE poster.

His collages are inspired by the visual codes of advertising, political propaganda and the music industry.

Make Art Not War Obey Giant Make Art Not War
Obey Giant
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JonOne: the pioneering one

Puerto Rican artist JonOne was born John Andrew Perello in 1963. His alias JonOne gained him recognition on the world's street art scene. His creations are inspired by hip-hop culture and break-dance and simultaneously the works of masters such as Kandinsky, Pollock and Schnabel.

JonOne's works are, rich and saturated, with a vivid use of colours and abstract shapes.

L'artiste JonOne ©Gwen Le Bras L'artiste JonOne
©Gwen Le Bras

KAWS: the big kid one

KAWS started his career in the 1990s in the States. A former freelancer for Disney Studios, his world is populated by pop art recurring characters like Mickey, Hello Kitty, Sponge Bob, the Michelin Bibendum and the Simpsons.

KAWS has designed for Kanye West, Nike, Vans, Colette, Comme des Garçons and Marc Jacobs. He is represented by Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin.

Installation at Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum Image via Installation at Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum
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Seen: the original one

Richard Mirando aka Seen, is an American street artist born in 1961. He began his career by tagging the trains of New York and was one of the first artist to create a Top-to-Bottom, in which the entire subway carriage is covered in graffiti.

In 1983, he was one of the main focuses of the documentary film Style Wars, which explored American hip hop culture. Seen has now become a living legend of the street art movement. In February 2012, Artcurial sold his work Superman Who, for nearly £74 000.

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