Left: MouskyRight: Richie Rich Left: Mousky
Right: Richie Rich

Skate culture and comic books: two of the influences from childhood that are weaved into artist James Dillon Wright's, otherwise known as Dillon Boy, work today. At the age of 12, with his heart set on becoming part of his comic book heroes' world, Dillon applied for a job at Marvel. Unfortunately, Dillon didn't get the job. What he did get what a package with a guide on comic book drawing and writing. Tools which, little did he know, would become the foundation of his artistic career.

Dillon Boy in his studio Dillon Boy in his studio

Left: BatmanRight: The Joker/The Suicide Squad Left: Batman
Right: The Joker/The Suicide Squad

At the age of 14, Dillon Boy sold his first work of art. Fifteen years later, in 2008, during Obama's first presidency campaign, Dillon's work entitled The Blue Knight was used in the campaign along with Shephard Fairey's Hope poster. Dillon Boy's portrait of the president was featured in the TIME Magazine Person of the Year 2008 article on Obama which also included Fairey's Hope poster.

Superman & Wonder Woman Superman & Wonder Woman

Apart from Obama, Dillon Boy's portfolio is made up of Marvel heroes as well as Disney characters in situations you wouldn't usually associate them with, to say the least.

Left: Wonder WomanRight: Superman & Wonder Woman Left: Wonder Woman
Right: Superman & Wonder Woman

All works featured were auctioned at Catawiki on 21st April. If you're a fan of Dillon Boy and street art, check out what Catawiki has up for auction now here.