img-shepard-fairey_144836836059 Shepard Fairey
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In June, an arrest warrant was put out for the artist, as he openly planned and carried out illegal works on buildings in Detroit. Fairey was in Detroit commissioned to complete a mural in One Campus Martius public park.

B99286594Z.1_20150709122823_000_G1PHV32J.1-0 Shepard Fairey artwork on Gratiot Avenue, Detroit.
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Custom agents at Los Angeles Airport approached Fairey as he returned from Málaga, Spain.

Douglas Baker, chief of criminal enforcement for the Detroit Law Department said: "Our warrant was evidently discovered as he went through customs, and he was placed under arrest."

"Per the county's policy, they don't extradite on lower-level cases like this."

The artist spent a night in prison and was released but will now have to return to Detroit to face charges.