Kanye West gave to his new wife Kim Kardashian a portrait of her entitled Perfect Bitch by female street artist Bambi as a gift at their May wedding this year.


Often labeled the 'female Banksy' Bambi's fame has hit new heights. The incognito artist first achieved recognition in 2011 for her image of Amy Winehouse on a door in Camden Town.


It is rumoured Bambi was once a successful recording artist who studied at Central St Martin's School of Art. Suspected 'Bambis' include M.I.A, Paloma Faith and guesses have even been Geri Halliwell and Adele.

Alongside Kanye, she has been commissioned to produce works for Rihanna, Robbie Williams, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Like Marmite, pictured was purchased by Brad Pitt.


Last month Bambi commented on the current market for street art.

"There seemed to me to be a big divide between the dirty, organic, smelly process of art making and those sterile spaces in which art was being shown."

It is not only celebrities Bambi pays homage to. Her 2010 piece Hero to Zero depicted a man with a dog on a chain, which addressed the issue of the mental health of British soldiers returning from Afghanistan. Rude Pope, portrays Pope Benedict XVI giving a two-fingered salute.

An exhibition at Michael Sakhai's gallery, entitled When Banksy Met Bambi, displayed works by the two artists alongside each other.

Critics and dealers are now debating how much further the trend in street art will continue, with concerns that new works are unoriginal and that the movement has peaked.