Yves Klein. Image: elmundo.es Yves Klein. Image: elmundo.es

Yves Klein was born in Nice in 1928 - 90 years ago - and will be greatly celebrated in his hometown by this retrospective digital exhibition. Klein was one of the most influential, prominent and controversial artists emerging in the 1950s. Maybe, mostly remembered for his use of the single rich shade of ultramarine, which he made his own naming it International Klein Blue.
He was a true conqueror of emptiness and a defender of colour, spending his entire life exploring the connection between color and matter and between matter and void. For many he is an artistic prankster who shook the understanding and expectation of art to its core and opened up to new forms and media - an heir to Marcel Duchamp.

Others see him as the descendant to earlier avant garde artists like Kazimir Malevich and Aleksander Rodchenko - both also attracted to the monochrome.

Image: Barnebys Image: Barnebys

About the exhibition
So now one of our favourite French auction houses Artcurial participates in the production of the retrospective and interactive exhibition taking place at the NICETOILE shopping center in the heart of Nice. Named ‘Yves Klein - The Interactive Exhibition...The Vibration of Color’, the exhibition will feature Klein’s original artworks digitalized in 3D. Creating a real sense of intimacy between the art and its viewer.

The exhibition was possible thanks to Artcurial Agence Culture, Artcurial's cultural engineering department that offers tailor-made services to corporations in the conception and implementation of their cultural and artistic projects.

Image: Barnebys Image: Barnebys

This is the first chapter of an ambitions digital art exhibition that is meant to travel worldwide during the next decade. The exhibition illustrates Klein’s life work, thoroughly and up close, thrue this visual and audio immersion. Also making it a real learning experience, the exhibition will introduce the historical context in which Klein created his work along with his philosophy and writings.

This is art as it should be - a fun, interactive and learning experience!