The platform, which was launched in Spain by Maria Dolores Maza, will present investors with the opportunity to invest in works of art by artists including Dalí, Calder and Haring in the form of investments of € 100, € 500 or € 1 000.

Collectors can co-invest in art collections that group different works according to their artistic style, without having to have a large capital, reserved until now to large fortunes or investment funds.

Artworks have been divided into three collections: Modern Masters, Contemporary Artists and Emerging Artists. Co-founder Maza, who founded FCBfeel, the first social network of FC Barcelona, explained:''It is no longer necessary to make a big investment or be an expert in art to achieve the same medium-term gains as the big investors have obtained in the market. art.''

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ArtsGain offers an annual return between 6% and 9% with a 5-7 years view. With access to Modern and Contemporary art as well as pieces by emerging artists allows investors to balance the possible fluctuations that an artist and their work may experience on the market.

All works are kept in safe custody for five years or a specified certain time, at the end of which it will be sold to obtain the return of the investment plus its respective capital gain value.

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