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The 77 year-old said that gay men who are now having children and entering civil partnerships, have become ''boring'' with the desire only to ''be ordinary, want to fit in.''

On his own plans to have ever had children or marry, Hockney said: ''I don't care about that. I don't care about fitting in."

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The artist also commented on how cities such as San Francisco, known for their thriving gay culture scene, are now far more suburban, "Bohemia is gone. It's a very boring city now," he said.

10268276 David Hockney (British, b. 1937) Portrait of Mother I, 1985
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This could be, however, that these cities where artists with very little money to their name's once worked are now becoming gentrified and the creative class is being forced out.  But Hockney's feeling ran a little deeper than this, he expressed how he felt that the gay youth are not revelling in the rights they now have that his generation were prohibited from.

false David Hockney George, Blanche, Celia, Albert and Percy, London, January 1983
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During his most famous years, Hockney lived in London, California and France, where, homosexual acts were illegal. These feelings Hockney has, do reflect that the fight for rights his generation endured, is starting to be won, as being 'boring' and mainstream means the gay community is no longer living on the periphery of society, with fears of being outcast, or even imprisoned for their sexuality.

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