Collectors paid a whopping total of £180 000 for Action Man and Star Wars figurines which had been unwanted and stored away by former toy salesman.

Image via the Guardian Image via the Guardian

The unloved collection, owned by Doug Carpenter, included a rare Action Man judo outfit, which originally retailed at 60p in 1970, and was sold at auction for £6 480.

A Princess Leia doll sold for £3 600 whilst a figurine of the notorious bounty hunter Boba Fett fetched £2 300, against a £40-60 pre sale estimate.

Carpenter acquired the collection when the toy company he worked for, Palitoy, closed down. He decided to sell the collection after earlier this ear another Boba Fett action figure sold for £18 000.

The valuer for the sale at Vectis Auctions, Kathy Taylor commented: "It was unbelievable to see all the boxes coming out with stock that was factory fresh, which hadn't been opened, it was like a time capsule."

_83246407_actionjudoset Image via BBC

An Action Man figure in sporting gear, which during the time of production in the 1970s, were poor sellers, sold for £2 760.

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