Murakami is no stranger to fashion, his iconic motifs emblazoned Louis Vuitton's signature bags in 2002 by invitation of Marc Jacobs.

Stephen Mills, Vans VP of Global Product Merchandising commented: "We are so privileged to work with an artist of Murakami's caliber. This collaboration brings together two global cultural icons and we are proud to unveil the project after much anticipation."

The artist is equally as excited to have worked with the brand.

takashi_murakami1_0 Takashi Murakami at the Paris launch
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"For the past 10-plus years, without exaggeration, I have been wearing Vans Slip-Ons almost every single day."

"For me, there are no other shoes that are so comfortably wearable that let me focus on producing my artwork. I also feel extremely strong empathy for Vans' brand concept and creative stance," the artist said.