The Breakfast at Tiffany's author's ashes will be part of Julien's ''Icons & Idols: Hollywood'' on 23-24th September. The ashes are sealed in a Japanese carved wooden box and have been consigned from the estate of Joanne Carson, wife of Johnny Carson. The Carson's were close friends of Capote, the writer passed away at their home 1984.


The estate's executors had their reservations about selling the ashes at auction, but decided this sale would be befitting for Capote.

''With some celebrities this wouldn’t be tasteful, but I know 100% he would love it,'' commented Darren Julien, president of Julien’s Auctions, to the Guardian.

''He loved to create press opportunities and to read his name in the paper. I think he would love it that he’s still grabbing headlines today.''

''In this case it’s absolutely fine because it really embodies what Truman Capote was and what he loved to do.''

''Truman told Joanne that he didn’t want his ashes to sit on a shelf. So this is a different way of honouring his request. It is just furthering the adventures of Truman Capote.''

For true fans of the Miriam author the ashes have been estimated to sell for $6 000. As well as personal items from the Carson's estate, their art collection will be featured in the sale, including works by Jime Dine, Henri Matisse, Picasso, Alberto Giacometti and Rembrandt.