Alfonso Fraile (1930-1988) was a Spanish painter known for his Cubist-inspired works.

Fraile's early were considered Cubism, with his career going on to evolve into a new form of abstraction.

blog.php-844 Alfonso Fraile, Abstracción

In 1957, aged only 27, a dedicated a solo show was held, presenting his abstract paintings to the public.

In collaboration with José Vento Ruiz, Medina and Julio Martín-Caret, Fraile founded the Nuevo Espacialismo group. Together, the group reinvented representation in art though introducing elements of abstraction and informal art to a wider audience.

blog.php-845 Alfonso Fraile, Les Cuatro Reyes,

Paul Klee, Willem de Kooning as well as Goya had a great influence Fraile's work.

A selection of Fraile's works are exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Madrid.

As well as works by Fraile, Sala Retiro's sale on 19th October will feature jewellery and design of the auction.

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