June 25 – Fashion & Vintage
“Best of the 90’s” could have been the watchwords for the first of Koller’s ten auctions. On June 25th, the decade’s greatest fashion names will go under the hammer such as Versace, Hermès and Chanel. One of the items being auctioned off is this bustier from Atelier Versace’s spring collection of 1991. The sequin hand-embroidered piece draws its inspiration from Gustav Klimt’s Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer and is the perfect example of how well art and haute couture work together.

The gold-colored lace skirt was created the following year by Gianni Versace and was introduced to the public at the Hotel Ritz in Paris by supermodel Linda Evangelista.
The ones looking for a more discrete (but no less glamorous) flare can look forward to Koller’s Wristwatches & Pocket watches auction two days later. While we are fascinated by timepieces covered in diamonds and gemstones the sale also includes some rare wristwatches such as a 1950s Rolex with a Calendar and Moon Phase.

June 28 – Design
With the auction dedicated to fashion focusing primarily on the 1990’s, the sale for design consists of the dominating names of designers from the entire 20th century.
Designers such as Ettore Sottsass, Alvar Aalto, Pierre Jeanneret, Ray and Charles Eames are just a few examples of designers whose work intrigued the world. Auction goers will also be able to bid on fantastic glass creations from Murano, the world’s leading glass supplier.

Out of the many interesting pieces in the collection is the sideboard Organic Brass Cabinet by Werner Neumann. The self-taught designer began creating furniture in 2007, mostly in birch. By deformating the material during the production process, Neumann is able to create extraordinary pieces with an organic design.

June 28 – Photography

A particularly intriguing lot for collectors of historical photographs will be up for grabs on June 28th. A Daguerreotype from 1850, taken by one of the pioneers of this photographic process, Jean-Gabriel Eynard, is a highlight. Eynard, a politician and financier by profession, dealt extensively with the daguerreotype in the mid-nineteenth century. The photo shows Eynard and his wife meeting the banker family Delessert on June 19th, 1850.

June 29 – Art Deco & Art Nouveau

The finest craftsmanship, which impresses with it’s carefully selected materials and innovative decorations, can be found in the auction dedicated to Art Deco & Art Nouveau. The highlights include the glasswork of the famous manufactories of Émile Gallé, René Lalique and the Daum in Nancy brothers.

This vase was created around 1900 in light blue etched glass, which is adorned with a carefully painted landscape in black and white. The leaf-work in rust red, orange and gold pass witness of the coming fall as the three attached drops of water at the bottle’s neck creates the certain Art Deco-feeling.

June 29 – Swiss Art
Of course, a Swiss auction house does not ignore it’s own art scene, and thus Koller’s second auction of the day focuses on Swiss Art, in which the crème de la crème is represented. Landscapes, portraits and lifelike scenes by Albert Anker, Ernst Biéler, Ferdinand Hodler, Varlin, Hans Erni, Cuno Amiet, Robert Zünd, Clara Porges and the cousins Augusto and Giovanni Giacometti will pass under the hammer.

Giovanni Giacometti is represented with the work La Lettrice, a work the artist created a total of three variants of. While the whereabouts of the first version is unknown and the third one was successfully auctioned off by Koller two years ago, the second version is now available at the auction house. Giacometti drew inspiration of the French Fauvists in this particular work, and it’s kinship with those paintings can be seen below.

The bold colors of Kees van Dongen and the artist’s precise hand captured the ladies of the Parisian world in his works. Dongen had lived in Paris since 1899, where he joined the Fauvists and their fearless painting style. Equally intrepid, Dongen’s portraits of women withstand every look with their big almond-shaped eyes. The same goes for L’Egyptienne, which he painted on his travels during the 1910s and 1920s.

In somewhat more restricted colors, perhaps a bit nostalgic, Kees van Dongen executed two pictures of his Dutch homeland. In his hometown Delfshaven the artist found himself intrigued by the barges of the harbor in the beginning of the twentieth century. The ocean theme can be found in several of Dongen’s works. Five years later, in 1912 while visiting the town with his daughter and wife Dongen he painted his daughter Dolly riding on the beach during a vacation.

In addition to the five works by Kees van Dongen in the Impressionist & Modern Art auction on June 29, the lithograph Le Carrousel et le fiacre from 1950 will be up for bid the following day in the Prints & Multiples sale. Other big names featured in the Impressionist & Modern Art session at Koller are Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Wilhelm Lembruck, Pierre Bonnard, Fernand Léger and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner.

June 30 – Graphics & Multiples
Picasso’s last great muse and one of his most portrayed women is Jacqueline Rogue, the artist’s second wife. As one of the greatest artists of the twentieth century, Picasso created over 400 portraits of Jacqueline: as paintings, prints or pictured on his ceramics. Two of Picasso’s works portraying Jacqueline will be included on Koller’s Graphics & Multiples auction on June 30th. Femme au corsage à fleurs was painted in 1957/1958 and is one of the most striking portraits of his muse. The other one, Jacqueline de profil (Buste de femme au corsage blanc) is a zincograph from 1958.

Koller’s massive auction session will end with a bang on June 30th, with the Post-War & Contemporary auction. The auction will feature artists such as Tony Cragg, Theodoros Stamos, HR Giger, Niki de Saint Phalle, Mark Tobey, Georg Baselitz, Mario Schifano and John Chamberlain. You’ll be able to view the lots until June 24th.
Happy bidding!
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