Works by Expressionist artist Piet Ouborg (1893-1956) will be just some of the highlights in Venduehuis der Notarissen's sale this month.

As a young man in his twenties, Ouborg was inspired by Indonesia's magic rituals, hypnotic dances, and impressive masks as well as the connection the inhabitants of the archipelago had with the cosmos. His initially naturalistic style developed by way of surrealism to abstract expressionism.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 11.05.49 Piet Ouborg

Charles Sayers (1901-1943) painted a Batak Village on Sumatra hidden by palm trees and overwhelming, dense foliage. With its intensely deep colours, the piece joins the ranks of late 19th and early 20th Century international Expressionism.

For artist Adrien Jean le Mayeur de Merprès his Balinese wife, Ni Pollok, was his greatest inspiration and muse; she is shown in their house in Sanur, Bali in this piece.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 11.04.50 Adrien Jean le Mayeur de Merprès (1880-1958), Ni Pollok In the house of the artist in Sanur, Bali

Antiques in the sale include a lavishly decorated tea caddy in silver with Paul Crespin's hallmark (1745-1746), and a memorial pendant engraved with the weapon of the barons of Arundell or Wardour and on the inside two portraits of women.

Scandinavia is represented by George Jensen's modern silver "Cactus" cutlery and furniture by designers Frederik Sieck and Alvar Aalto.

From France,  several fire-gilded pendulum clocks and an impressive timepiece made using the Boulle technique, accompanied by a closet ornamented with turtle skin.

Ivan Loubennikov's nudes (1951) will be featured in the sale. Loubennikov is considered one of the leading figures in Moscow's Modern Art scene.

Finally unique Delftware dress by Pim van den Akker. The dress was made in collaboration with De Porceleyne Fles. All parts of the dress are crafted and painted by hand. Because of an ingenious system of straps and laces, the ceramic dress can actually be worn.

The sale will take place on 12th,13th & 14th November. Check out the sale here.