Kai Wiesinger Image: Chris Noltekuhlmann Kai Wiesinger
Image: Chris Noltekuhlmann

Titled ''Breasts, Bodies & the Bizarre,'' the sale on 13th August will feature works from the Teutloff Photo + Video Collection, including photography by Annie LeibovitzNan GoldinMartin ParrHuan Zhang and Andres Serrano as well as others.

The idea for the format will feature Wiesinger in talks with experts about the works which are up for sale. Wiesinger will interview photo artists Yoram Roth and Katharina Bosse as well as art historians Dr. Andreas Beitin and Dr. Sabine Maria Schmidt.

Nicola Ransom Nicola Ransom

Simultaneously, Auctionata's Nicola Ransom, an actor who was the first female auctioneer of the Auctionata team, will host a sale of works in the live online auction.

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