blog.php-1261 Julio Romero de Torres, Mujer morena

Cordouan painter Julio Romero de Torres (1874-1930) works portray women from various milieus.

Blending romance and realism, Romero de Torres is particularly fond of using dark colours against striking poses which he creates with blurred brushstrokes to make for a mysterious atmosphere.

blog.php-1262 Ignacio Pinazo Camarlench, Maja con abanico, 1892

Ignacio Pinazo Camarlench (1849-1916) was an Impressionist painter from Valencia who captured many of her contemporaries through portraiture.

Pinazo was particularly fond of dark colours such as black, grey and brown. In Maja con abanico, her quick brushstrokes, alternating warm and cold tones, combined with the penetrating look of the woman, give an incredible intensity to the ensemble.

blog.php-1263 José Cruz Herrera, Retrato de dama

José Cruz Herrera (1890-1972) was a Spanish painter who painted many landscapes.

He adored the women of his native region Andalusia, painting these women with sensuality. Inspired by the golden century of Spanish painting, his portraits are timeless thanks to his fast and energetic touch and his sense of light.

blog.php-1264 Gabriel, Joven junto al espejo, 1918

Gabriel Morcillo Raya (1887-1973) was a Spanish artist known for his landscapes and portraits which were steeped in orientalism.

Mischief plays a large role in Raya's oeuvre, evident in the piece Joven junto al espejo, which he painted during the first part of his career. The first exhibition dedicated to his orientalist work dates to 1944 in Granada.

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