Eric James Mellon

Ceramics artist Eric James Mellon specialised in ash glaze and underglaze graphic drawings. In the early 1950's, along side fellow artist Derek Davis, Mellon set up an artistic group in Hillesden, Buckinghamshire. In the late 1950's, Mellon began working in stoneware, something which inspired him to decorate stoneware pots with figurative drawings which he finished with an ash glaze. Ash glaze was traditionally used by craft potters of the early decades of the 20th century including Bernard Leach and Katherine Pleydell-Bouverie.

Mellon's works have been known to sell at Bonhams and Christie's for up to as much as £500.

Janet Leach

American studio potter Janet Leach was the first foreign woman to study pottery in Japan and only the second westerner to ever do so. She studied at Black Mountain, North Carolina, under Shoji Hamada. In 1954, Hamada agreed that on his return to Japan, Leach could work and study under him at Mashiko. Leach was mentored by Hamada for two years.

Her Oriental-influenced style and form, as well as her free flowing pieces are clearly inspired by her travel and work in the Far East.

Later in her career, Leach worked at the Leach Pottery, in St Ives, Cornwall. In 2006, a retrospective was held at Tate St Ives for Janet Leach.

Although she has often been overshadowed by her husband, Bernard, prices for Janet Leach in the last 10 years have increased and often reach in excess of £3 000.

Lucie Rie

Austrian-born British studio potter Dame Lucie Rie set up her first studio in Vienna in 1925. In 1938, she settled in London after fleeing the Nazis. In London, she set up a studio near Hyde Park, which she worked in for 50 years. Most recently, Rie's work was included in Sotheby's Made in Britain sale, which took place on 30th September of last year.

The most expensive Rie work sold at auction was Tall composite vase, circa 1968, which sold at Phillips in 2013 for £57 900.

Emmanuel Cooper

Ceramic artist Emmanuel Cooper brought to light the importance of LGBT rights in the British art scene of the 1970's and subsequently throughout his life. In the early 1970's, he cofounded the Gay Left collective. Throughout his life, he published several studies of LGBT art, including The Sexual Perspective and Fully Exposed: The Male Nude in Photography.

His works are heavily glazed in a volcanic form, giving them a varied and uneven texture, which are influenced by Lucie Rie's work. His other works, are extremely vibrant, in pink, yellow, rich reds and blues. For these works he often uses egg yolk yellow glaze finished with gold speckling.

His work can be found in the Victoria & Albert Museum. Cooper was was awarded an OBE for services to art. Search realised prices for Cooper on Barnebys here.

Joanna Constantinidis 

With her radical methods of clay manipulation, potter Joanna Constantinidis reinvented the "thrown" vessel - which is formed on the potter's wheel, rather than being hand-constructed.

The abstract nature of her work was inspired by ancient Greek art, architecture, sculpture and painting, although her works are key pieces of Modernism.

At school, she was inspired by a talk given by her headmaster on Picasso's The Three Musicians. She was greatly influenced by her history teacher, Dorothy Kemp, a potter, who worked at the Leach pottery at St Ives.

Inspired by Hans Coper and Rie, Constantinidis at points in her career concentrated on a few elemental shapes.

Her works have been known to sell for more than £7 000.

Walter (Wally) Keeler

Walter Keeler's works are salt glazed stoneware and earthenware. In 1965, he set up his first studio in Buckinghamshire in 1965, and has been at his current studio in Penallt in Wales, since 1976.

He counts Greek Pottery, Roman Glass, eighteenth century Staffordshire Wares and tin oil cans amongst his influences. Search realised prices for Walter Keeler here.

Martin Brothers

In recent years the market for the Martin Brothers' Birds has increased. In the 1970's, Richard Dennis' selling exhibitions of a superb collection of the Brothers work helped to reignite interest. Dennis revived the aesthetic and commercial interest in the factory and following this came several other important international exhibitions. During this time, the appeal of the Birds moved beyond the domestic market and a large percentage of the Birds sold in overseas collections. In the last 15 years, the Birds have been known to sell for six figures, tripling in price.

Search realised prices for Martin Brothers here.

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