geno-pheno-painting Keith Tyson (b. 1969), That Which Is and Might Have Been Geno/Pheno Painting, 2004
Estimate: £15 000 - 20 000

In 2002, Keith Tyson won the Turner Prize for his work which brings together science, philosophy and even computer programming through the visual arts. The 'Geno /Pheno' series features genetic science as the central concept as seen  in this 2004 diptych, which is one of 27. The wonderfully bright and enigmatic series, which also features 18 sculptures, is a fantastic example of Tyson's exploration of chance and origins.

earth-life-no Zhang Huan (b. 1965) Earth Life No. 16, 2007 (detail)
Estimate: £7 000 - 10 000

Zhang Huan is regarded as one of China's most influential contemporary artists. The 'Early Life' series features beautifully detailed insects and is Huan's homage to the Buddhist teaching of treating all living creatures with respect.

interior-no Anton Henning (b. 1964), Interior No. 83, 2001
Estimate: £10 000 - 15 000

In this piece, Anton Henning has captured Vincent Van Gogh's interiors and Henri Matisse's The Red Studio, 1911 and The Pink Studio, 1911. The swirling patterns in the scene give the piece movement and change the perspective of the objects within the piece.

shadows-and-disturbances Zarina Bhimji (b. 1963), Shadows and Disturbances, 2007
Estimate: £1 500 - 2 500

British artist Zarina Bhimji was nominated for the 2007 Turner Prize for her photographs of her native Uganda. She captures Uganda's architecture and landscape with such detail and depth. The above work captures the decay of once outstanding building. Shadows and Disturbances, 2007 was part of Bhimji's 2012 solo exhibition at Whitechapel Gallery, London.

arena-triptych-new Anthony Goicolea (b. 1962), Arena Triptych, 2008
Estimate: £3 000 - 5 000

American artist Anthony Goicolea's repertoire includes drawing, painting, installation, and photography. Goicolea is of Cuban heritage, he explores notions of family history, culture and alienation through all these varying art forms. The triptych above is from his first trip to Cuba in 2008. During the trip he photographed places which his family had once lived. However, each piece is not a direct representation of the space, as Goicolea constructs each image from many and then draws and paints on them in his re-visioning of his own history.

urville Jane & Louise Wilson (b. 1965), Urville, 2006
Estimate: £2 000 - 3 000

Twins Jane & Louise Wilson, who were nominated for the Turner Prize in 1999, created  a series which explores the German sea defences on the Normandy coast, of which Urville, 2006 (above) is part of. The piece was purchased by the Tate and was part of Tate Britain's 2013 exhibition, 'Ruin Lust', as well as Tate Modern's 2014 exhibition 'Conflict, Time, Photography'.

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