William George is the UK’s leading online auction house, hosting over 600 auctions a year across a huge range of categories. No surprise the quality of their bidding platform is a top priority for the company, which just launched its all-new online bidding platform at wgandco.com.

Screanshot of Wlliam George & Co.’s website Screanshot of Wlliam George & Co.’s website. © Wlliam George & Co.

Robin Gray, a Director at William George, said that “this is a continuation of our long-term vision to make bidding at auction a simple process regardless of what you are looking for. The new look bidding platform is the first in a long line of developments coming soon to William George.”

Hammer Hammer. ARR.

The website is not only a wonderful marketplace, it is also a great companion for the curious collector, featuring a weekly series of essential tips and updates on industry news.

Sellers are not forgotten, as William George & Co. take pride in catering to their business needs. The online auctioneer will continue to offer 0% seller commission on all lots, regardless of price. Improvements are underway for a brand new vendor centre that will make selling at auction accessible for all.

The bidder experience is at the heart of the new, beautifully designed website. Give it a go!