St. Petersburg Collection Watches - Unisex-Armbanduhr Modell 108, Design Theo FabergéEstimate: £18 938-23 070 St. Petersburg Collection Watches - Unisex-Armbanduhr Modell 108, Design Theo Fabergé
Estimate: £18 938 - 23 070

This white gold watch with diamonds, is one of an edition of only 25 made by St. Petersburg Collection Watches. was Theo Fabergé, the grandson of the great jeweller of Tsars Peter Carl Fabergé, was responsible for the design of the exquisite piece.

blog.php-1308 Brazilian aquamarine with facet cut, 10.12 ct
Estimate: £2 410 - 3 443

Nothing says love like craving a precious gem into a heart. This Valentine's Day you can show just how much you care with this (and many other) precious gems.

blog.php-1309 Porsche - 930 Turbo 3.3 l Gemballa 934 - 1978
Estimate:£86 083-111 908

Or if heart-shaped rocks aren't your thing, there's always cars. From Porsche 930 Turbo to the Jaguar E-type the interest in classic and sports cars at auctions looks set to continue in 2017.

Jaguar - E-type Cabrio - 1970 Jaguar - E-type Cabrio - 1970
Estimate: £82 640 - 107 432

blog.php-1312 Honda - CB 750 Four K1 - 1972
Estimate: £7 747 - 10 330

blog.php-1313 Swarovski - Buddha, Pagoda Limited Edition, 20
Estimate: £2 367 - 3 100

Go East. Or well Austria. This Buddha made of Austrian crystal by Swarovski is a limited edition of only 10 000.

blog.php-1314 Noh Hannya mask, Japan 18th century
Estimate: £2 152 - 3 012

Now to Japan, and the the Noh Theatre, a traditional form of entertainment for which performers wear carved masks. This Hannya (which translates to 'wisdom) mask represents a jealous female demon.

blog.php-1315 Aruizawa 15 Years 100% Malt Whisky 43% 720ml Old Japanese Merican Release
Estimate: £300 - 400

Fancy a dram of something different? This Japanese whisky comes from the Karuizawa distillery at Mount Asama, which was in production from 1955 to 2011.

blog.php-1316 Prayer and Al-Islam edition, signed by Muhammad Ali, 1986
Estimate: £946 - 1 377

Muhammad Ali - formerly Cassius Clay- converted to Islam in 1964. An edition of Prayer and Al-Islam signed by the boxing champ in 1986 is sure to have bidders battling.

blog.php-1317 Debbie Harry - French Kissin, PS Single 1986 with autograph

This copy of Debbie Harry's single French Kissin is also signed by the star. The song was the first single from Harry's Rockbird and was written by Chuck Lorre, who is today known for being the man behind comedies The Big Bang Theory, Dharma & Greg and Two and a Half Men.

blog.php-1318 Bang & Olufsen B & O BeoGram 9500 record player
Estimate: £345- 515

If you have records you need a record player and no one does better technology design than Bang & Olufsen. Your ears will thank us.

blog.php-1319 John Huxley, London circa 1960

Happy bidding! And remember, auctions can really be the greatest gamble!

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