Take a look at pieces coming up in Fellows' sale on 29th June which celebrate the Midlands.

Ruskin & Moorcroft Pottery

86846-29 A William Moorcroft Claremont pattern pottery dish, circa 1918

86259-2 A Moorcroft limited edition dragonfly vase

86947-9 A Ruskin high fired scent bottle

Ruskin Pottery was founded in 1898 by Edward R. Taylor in Staffordshire. Edward was the first Principal of both the Lincoln School of Art and the Birmingham School of Art. Edward wanted the firm to be run by his son, William Howson Taylor. The name pays homage to the writer John Ruskin.

In 1913, the Moorcroft pottery company was founded in Stoke-on-Trent, also in Staffordshire, by William Moorcroft.

The Birmingham Clock

The Birmingham Clock was made for King Edward VI School, New Street, Birmingham circa 1980-1900. The New Street site was rebuilt in 1835 to a design by Charles Barry, who employed Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin for the design of some of the decorative elements – the very same duo collaborated in the design on the palace of Westminster.


Clarried away



Aston Villa fans will be battling it out for a bronze mascot of the "Villa Villain" Clarrie Blue, believed to be a similar design commissioned by Chairman Doug Ellis to feature on his car as well as a personalised Aston Villa number plate.