The Summer Sale on 17th-18th July features cars, motorbikes, tractors and even a rickshaw.  Jeremy Pattison, Managing Director comments that "with the creation of The Garden Rooms, we now have a fantastic space both inside and out to showcase top quality classic cars and other automobilia. We knew that in order to offer the best possible service to our vendors and buyers across this section we needed the space and skills to achieve great results. We now have consultants on board to assist with cataloguing this section and as such we hope this is the first of many automobilia sales at Tennants".

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LS1672022_HR 1967 Mini Morris 1000 Saloon - The Penny Mini
Low Estimate: £4 000

The Penny Mini, inspired by The Beatles' song Penny Lane, is covered by 8,648 old pennies and was used in the promotion of the single - at least two and possibly more Penny Minis were created. When bought in London in the 1980s it was described as one of those cars, although there is no supporting documentation.

LS1672033_HR 1973 Jaguar E Type V12 Convertible Automatic
Low Estimate: £8 000

LS1672021_HR 1978 MG Midget 1500
Low Estimate: £2 000

The MG Midget has always been one of Britain's iconic small sports cars, ideal as a starter classic. First introduced in 1961, it has undergone  numerous changes over the years on the same style body shell with engine sizes ranging from 948cc up to 1500cc. The Midget 1500 was introduced in 1974 to meet the stringent Federal regulations to make cars safer. This car underwent major restoration in 2002. It is finished in British racing green with ivory cedar. The driver's seat has been changed at some point to make the drive more comfortable.


LS1672028_HR 1973 Alfa Romeo GT Junior 1600
Low Estimate: £7 000

The Alfa Romeo 105 and 115 range of coupés were built from 1963 to 1977. They were an extremely successful range for Alfa Romeo, and models sold in both Europe and the US. The 1.6 model is one of the variations with just over 14,000 produced between 1972 and 1976. Refinished in the traditional Alfa racing red with a black interior, this lovely car is now in need of some refinishing. The proceeds from the sale of this car will be donated to charity.


LS1672034_HR 1973 Porsche 911T
Low Estimate: £40 000

The Porsche 911 a true motoring icon - one of the world's true great cars - and was introduced in 1963. The 911 has undergone a constant evolution to make it the car it is today with a shape that is still basically the same and recognised throughout the world. Rear-engined and with quirky handling, at least in the early days, it has always been a car desired by motoring enthusiasts. This model is finished in fabulous gold metallic with black interior.

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