Filtering through our newsfeed this week is everything green: furniture, vases, fine art, you name it.

Feeling green? Lots Road have have you covered.

Scrolling through what’s on offer, we can’t help but pause at armchairs. In particular, those of that olive, mid-century modern colour.

This pair, Regency in style, feature nailed leather in a rubbed finish. The dark undertones are completed with mahogany wood, which is stylised in repeating 180 degree arcs.

Muted jade greens continue in this ceramic celadon vase. The transparent glaze gives it an lustrously glossy finish, appropriate for any shelf or coffee table.

Turning now to paintings, we take respite in Ukrainian artist Georgi Kolosovsli’s (1913-1988) luscious Emerald Forest. This oil on board plays with overlapping blues and greens, blurring colours and boundaries to give a dreamlike and transient effect.

Another oil work, Young man in profile by English artist Philip Richard Morris (1836-1902), depicts a pensive adolescent with curly reddish-brown hair staring solemnly ahead. The artist manages to capture the fiery lighting dappling the subject’s green coat.

Finally, though not exactly ‘green’ in colour, we are envious of those able to purchase any of the five Henri Matisse collotypes on offer. Delicately rendered in thin, sweeping strokes, these lots are signed and dated in the plate and affixed behind light wooden frames.

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