A spectacular piece of philatelic history, from a time when available literature gave just the sketchiest details of existing stamps, often without pictures.
The collection comprises of just over 380 different stamps in a small exercise book – a unique group of hand-painted stamp designs in vibrant watercolours, each partially affixed to part of an original page.

45059119 BAFFIN ISLAND (CANADA) Two triangular stamps depicting a Sheep (?) and inscribed "TERRA OF BAFFIN"; (no value) red and (no value) blue. (2 'stamps')

45054851 BARBADOS Two stamps similar to 1852-58 "Britannia" design (the ship is much larger) - (no value) blue and (no value) magenta. (2 'stamps')

For countries which had issued stamps prior to 1861 these are reasonably accurate interpretations of known stamps, for many other countries they are intriguing imaginings of stamps yet to be created.

45054269 ANTIGUA lovely group of three 'essays' (Antigua did not issue stamps until 1862) depicting Queen Victoria in an oval design, with values 1d carmine, 2d blue and "FIVE CENTS" green. (3 'stamps')

The entire collection will be split into 91 suitable lots, the chance to place a bid on the entire collection of over 380 miniature paintings. Lot 92 is the collection in its entirety which will only be sold if the bid exceeds the total of bids received on the other 91 lots.

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