Haute époque represents the period from the Middle Ages, to the Renaissance and the 17th century, covering such artistic movements as the gothic, Romanesque, Byzantine and Baroque periods.

blog.php-485 Rare tapestry fragment "thousand flowers" decorated with a heraldic trophy, Flanders. 16th century.

Long neglected by designers, Haute époque has now became an interior design favourite, thanks to its versatility and highly stylised qualities. What we now see a lot of in interior design, is mixing these dark, rich Haute époque pieces within a light, modern space.

blog.php-486 Carved polychrome representing Saint Martin sitting on his horse and cutting his coat. 16th century.

In HVMC's sale on 11th June, a selection of art and Haute époque furniture, acquired by a great collector over many years, will be coming to auction.

blog.php-487 Rectangular enamel plaque depicting the Crucifixion Signed upper left S.C. Suzanne court. Late 16th century.

As well as the Haute époque section of the sale, no less than 80 ceramic works will feature in the sale, including this exceptional large dish of Moustiers Clérissy from the early 18th century (the only model known to date.)

blog.php-488 MOUSTIERS, Rare large oval flat smooth edge tiled decor in the style of Berain in blue. Manufactured by Clérissy, early 18th century.

blog.php-489 ALCORA, 18th century

blog.php-490 SAINT CLOUD. Rare miniature covered bowl with two handles, bone china. Early 18th century.

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