Parisi began his career in design in the 1930's in the Studio of Rationalist Architect Giuseppe Terragni, creating furniture which would later capture the modernist style of the beginnings of the atomic age.

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His wife, Luisa Aiani, was a student of Gio Ponti. Parisi and Aiani worked together as one of the most successful husband and wife pairings. During his career, Parisi designed more than 150 spaces, one of which was La Ruota, which became a hub for artists such as Lucio Fontana, Bruno Munari and Fausto Melotti.

Parisi collaborated with design houses including Cassina, M.I.M., Singer & Sons, Altamira, Longhi and Cappelini. It was his partnership with Cassina which led to the creation of such successful and award-winning designs as the Model 813 Uovo, Model 691 and the Model 839 Conca.

The iconic 813, which debuted in 1951, was celebrated by the design world. In a letter to Parisi, Gio Ponti said: ''My dear, your egg chair is a marvel. You are a master, and all that is left for me is to retire and live in Civate in oblivion.''

On 19th April, Della Rocca, of Turin, will celebrate 20th century design, including  Ico Parisi, Gio Ponti, Alvar Aalto, Carlo Bugatti and Venini.

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