Soldani-Benzi Ganymede 6

The piece entitled Ganymede and the Eagle sold in Lyon & Turnbull's April Fine Furniture & Works of Art auction.

Art historian Dr Charles Avery, who was also the  former Deputy Keeper of the Department of Sculpture at the V&A Museum, spoke to Lyon & Turnbull about the history of this wonderful piece.

Soldani-Benzi, was the Master of the Mint in Florence and also in Tuscany. Soldani became the leading member of the third generation of sculptors in the tradition of Roman Baroque.


The piece could have been commissioned by Lord Burlington which takes it back to 1716. The only other pair are in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge.

The sculpture comes from the collection of the Countess of Lanesborough, of Ireland, the family created the collection in 1756.