H4112-L78310739 Dorje Chang Buddha III, Loquat, Hanging Scroll, Ink & Color on Paper, 2013

H. H. Dorje Chang Buddha III's "Loquat" evokes ancient Chinese art, which, at first appears simplistic in style, but hidden in the ink is a depth. H. H. Dorje Chang Buddha III treats the ink with such precision that no broken strokes or brush marks appear on the paper. This creates an elegant and serene work.

H4112-L78308753 Xu Beihong, Galloping Sky Horse, Hanging Scroll, Ink & Color on Paper, 1942

Xu Beihong was a Chinese artist best known for his Chinese ink paintings of horses and birds. He championed China's art scene in the modern arts of the 20th century.

H4112-L78309669 Zhang Daqian, Ink Splashed Mountain, 1964, Ink Splashed Mountain, Hanging Scroll, Ink & Color on Paper

Artist Zhang lived in São Paolo, California, India and Taiwan. Living outside of his native China meant that he was exposed to and then inspired by Western art movements such as Abstract Expressionism. His works, with vibrant colours, are a reaction to the Abstract movement.

His work features the ''broken-ink'' technique which has its roots in the Tang dynasty of 618–907, which he uses to convey the explosiveness of nature.

H4112-L78309327 Wu Guanzhong, Spring in Southern China, 1979, Hanging Scroll, Ink & Color on Paper

Wu Guanzhong was a contemporary Chinese painter who was a master and regarded as a founding figure of modern Chinese painting. Wu's works include China's architecture, plants, animals, people and landscapes in a style which evokes the impressionist painters of the 1900s.

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