Artcurial's Post-War and Contemporary sale on 31st May will take place during the house's week of auctions dedicated to 20th century art.

The Post-War and Contemporary sale will explore two major art movements: Abstraction and New Realism. As well as this, the concluding 38 works of the sale on 31st will explore the concept of the line, a theme which has inspired artists throughout the canon.

This section will highlights sculpture, drawing and painting all inspired by the line, including works by Carl Andre, Sol Lewitt, Martin Barre, Pol Bury and Victor Vasarely. Two steel sculptures by the Spanish sculptor Eduardo Chillida will offer collectors a rare and unique opportunity to acquire the artist's work.

Chillida began his career as an artist focusing on the human form. The later works in his oeuvre were more abstract in nature and larger in size. Although the artist did reject being labelled an abstract artist, calling himself a ''realist sculptor.'' His work continues to be part of the landscape of his native Spain, since 1986 his sculpture Topos V has been displayed in Plaça del Rei, Barcelona.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 11.30.36 Eduardo Chillida, Locmariaquer VI, 1989

Karim Hoss, Artcurial's Post-War and Contemporary art department manager explained how the auction house is ''proud to present work by Eduardo Chillida, rarely offered in France.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 11.30.57 Pierre Soulages, Ink of China, 1949

The Abstract art movement of the 20th century is represented by Pierre Soulages and Serge Poliakoff. French artist Soulages will be remembered of a master of black, painting black surfaces in a variety of different ways. His works have had a great influence on France, earning him praise from former President François Hollande as well as a room dedicated to his work at the Musée Fabre of Montpellier and a museum dedicated to the artist, Musée Soulages, in Rodez, Soulages' hometown.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 11.31.35 1 Serge Poliakoff, Abstract Composition, 1950

Russian-born French modernist painter Serge Poliakoff, was considered one of the most powerful painters of his generation. The artist inspired the works of fellow French artist Arman.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 11.31.53 Paul McCarthy, Hammer Head, 2004

New Realism in the sale comes in the form on Paul McCarthy's awe-inspriring silicone and wood sculpture. Born in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1945, McCarthy's work is compelled by mass media and the consumer-driven nature of American society.

Any pieces in the catalogue for the sale marked with a pink teddy bear will be sold without fees, to benefit Paris Tout P'tits programme, which, since 1901, has provided assistance for babies under 18 months for families in need.

Check out the full catalogue here.