Between 16-27th July, Power Rangers fans everywhere have the chance to bid on original props, costumes and more from the production of the 2017 Power Rangers movie.

the Power Rangers, 2017. Image: the Power Rangers, 2017. Image:

The Power Rangers, is a 2017 American superhero film based on the franchise with the same name, and became the first major blockbuster movie to feature LGBTQ and autistic superheroes.

The film kicks off with the original Red Ranger, Zordon, hiding the Ranger’s power source- the Power Coins. He then orders his robotic sidekick Alpha 5 to perform a meteor strike that kills him, the dinosaurs, as well as destroys their enemy Rita.

The Burnt Prologue Power Coins are just some of the Power Rangers’ props available at the Prop Store auction.

Jumping forward to the 21st century a group of high school students, who meet during detention rediscover the Power Coins.

They also find the ancient spaceship as well as Alpha 5 and Zordon’s consciousness. They inform the students about the Power Rangers’ history, their enemy Rita and her plan to destroy life on earth as we know it. Soon their training begins.

The Prop Store sale offers over 300 lots including the iconic Power Rangers power suits now open for bidding until Friday July 27th at Prop Store.

You can find Zordon’s light-up battle damaged Red Power suit. This is the suit he wore when he hid the Power Coins from the betrayer Rita. It is scratched, charred and cracked through out from his struggle.

Speaking of Rita, the Prop Store Collection includes her scavenged gold jewellery and if you can’t get enough of this Power Ranger antagonist, you can also bid on her shriveled corpse.

After learning the strength in unity and teamwork, the kids morph into their power suits and fight Rita. You can find all of the Rangers’ power suits at the Prop Store sale.Zack Taylors Light-up Stunt Black Power Suit and Trini Kwan’s Light-Up Yellow Power Suit. Image: Prop Store

Zack Taylors Light-up Stunt Black Power Suit and Trini Kwan’s Light-Up Yellow Power Suit. Image: Prop Store

Prop Store are one of the best houses when it comes to authentic movie props and memorabilia. We can’t wait to see which movie they do next!

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