The sale is made up of 92 lots including works by Walter Osborne, Jack Yeats, William Conor, Colin Middleton, Roderic O'Conor, Mainie Jellet, Sean McSweeney, Patrick Collins, Charles Brady and Martin Gale.

31 (1) Jack Butler Yeats RHA, 1871-1957 THE BANG THE DOOR BOYS (1944).
Est €60,000-80,000

Yeats first sketched Halloween callers in 1912. In this context the image proclaimed a distinctive aspect of Irish cultural life – the celebration of Halloween that extended back across the centuries. In this painting Yeats returns to the subject after a gap of thirty years in a manner typical of his later paintings which were frequently prompted by memories of earlier incidents and subjects. Make-believe and dressing up were of constant fascination to Yeats. He was not only a devotee of theatre in all its forms but a constant visitor to circuses and travelling fairs, and as a result clowns and performers in disguise became a favourite theme. In this painting he focuses on three youngsters who are not natural performers but whose masquerade nonetheless provides the basis of a bizarre encounter. Yeats places the viewer in the position of the householder who is confronted by this strange sight of the trick-or-treaters.

40 Roderic O’Conor, 1860-1940 Waves breaking on the Shore at Sunset c. 1898-1900 Est. € 30,000-40,000

One of O'Conor's largest known paintings on paper, this sunset view of waves breaking on rocks is related to an extensive series of seascapes in oils which the artist painted on the wild Breton coast in the closing years of the nineteenth century, undertaken in the wake of the friendship that developed between O'Conor and Gauguin at Pont-Aven in 1894.


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