1st May may be a holiday, but this year you might remember it as the day you acquired the finest piece in your antique collection. On this date Hermann Historica, the Munich-based specialist auction house is hosting its bi-annual sale. Drawing from all the subject areas of this fine house - antiquities, old weapons, handicrafts, hunting, medals and historical and objects – about 6,500 lots will be up for grabs.

Pair of Flintlock Pistols. Lot #150. Pair of Flintlock Pistols. Courtesy Hermann Historica.

Masterpieces do not only come in the form of paintings and sculptures, as the weapon collector knows well. Hermann Historica is renowned for its offering of exceptional military pieces, and the show-stopper here is a pair of flintlock pistols from the armoury of the Princes of Lobkowitz, dating from 1730. Coming from talented craftsmen Paul Ignazius Poser and Franz Matzendorf, these elegant pieces are estimated at £52,600.

Retractable Telescope with original leather case Lot #5099. Retractable Telescope with original leather case. Courtesy Hermann Historica.

Continuing with objects coming from the personal collections of European sovereigns and history-makers is a beautiful retractable telescope that belonged to King Ludwig II of Bavaria. Made of brass and richly engraved, it can be extended up to 55 centimetres, and its starting price is £6,500.

Bronze Seljuq incense burner (12th-13th century) Lot #3721. Bronze Seljuq incense burner (12th-13th century). Courtesy Hermann Historica.

Oriental craftsmanship will also be honoured, with a rich selection of bronze pieces. Particularly notable is the Seljuk incense burner featuring three identical stylized faces. In pristine condition and at a calling price of £15,800, it is a great catch.

And this is barely scratching the surface: rare furniture, exceptional watches, tournament armours, swords and many other items are waiting for you to fall in love with them!

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