Costumes, props, photography from the dawn of television right up to modern-day masters of the silver screen will be sure to excite collectors. With relics from such cult classics as Star Wars, Star Trek adored classics The Wizard of Oz through to 21st century films including the Daniel Craig Bond series.

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H3257-L96347071 Marilyn Monroe showgirl costume worn at a 1955 Madison Square Garden charity benefit


On 30th March, 1955 at a Madison Square Garden charity event put on by Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus to benefit the Arthritis and Rheumatism Foundation, Marilyn wore this spectacular showgirl costume with ostrich feather, rhinestones, teardrop pearls, faux diamonds and sequins. Mirror sequins were strategically placed throughout the costume to take advantage of the Madison Square Garden's spotlights to, quite literally, make Marilyn shine like a star.

The costume was acquired by the consignor directly from Joshua Greene, son of Milton H. Greene, vice president of Marilyn Monroe Productions, who attended the event at Madison Square Garden.

In the staging area behind the arena where animals, clowns and other acts were waiting in the wings, Monroe, wearing this costume, climbed aboard a pink elephant.

Monroe and Milton Greene also planned to that night announce the formation of Marilyn Monroe Productions. Together she and Greene thought of this event as her reappearance on the grand stage after her much publicized divorce from Joe DiMaggio. And what an entrance it was!

H3257-L96348369 Steve McQueen Gulf racing jacket worn during production and promotion of Le Mans. (Solar Productions/Cinema Center Films, 1971)

Steve McQueen's original Simpson Nomex fire resistant race jacket was worn in between scenes during the filming of Le Mans. The jacket featured in promotional material for the film, including the image used for the original release German A1 theatrical poster, as executives feared public confusion if McQueen were to wear the screen jacket with the character name “Michael Delaney” on his chest.

The jacket was obtained from one of Steve McQueen’s mechanics who worked on his vehicles. In December 2011, Profiles in History sold McQueen’s original hero screen-used Gulf driving suit from Le Mans for an astounding $96 ,000, and his hero screen-worn Heuer Monaco wristwatch from Le Mans sold for $799 500 in July 2012.

H3257-L96345750 Arnold Schwarzenegger screen-used T-800 costume and display from Terminator 2: Judgment Day. (Carolco, 1991)

This black motorcycle jacket was worn by Arnold in the film, as was the exposed T-800 chest prosthetic, pleather pants, leather biker boots, belt and gloves. Profiles in History experts rate this piece as the finest Arnold Schwarzenegger screen used ensemble from the Academy Award-winning film.

H3257-L96343217 Original screen used X-Wing Fighter miniature from Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope. (TCF, 1977)

Years before CGI and green screen, the technology used in the original Star Wars series was perhaps the most advance of its time. This filming miniature comes directly from the collection of Grant McCune, Chief Model Maker on the Miniature and Optical Effects Unit on Star Wars, who won, with his team, an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects on the film.

During the climactic Rebel assault on the Death Star, the production crew needed to build pyrotechnic filming miniatures for the numerous explosions needed for both X-Wing and Y-Wing craft as they were being picked off by the Imperial T.I.E. Fighters and laser cannons interspersed throughout the trench.

At the time these sequences were being shot, the crew quickly realised they needed to create more ships as editorial kept requesting more explosions. Due to the extreme time constraints, when a model was blown up, surviving components were reused to create additional craft.

Housed in its original custom-made acrylic display case, this piece is an incredibly iconic Star Wars relic direct from the collection of its Chief Model Maker.

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