The ''Illustration'' sale includes original drawings of Mickey Mouse, Alice in Wonderland as well as comic favourites including the Hulk.

In recent years, the market for comic books has sky-rocketed. Interest and prices for comic and illustration heavyweights Disney, Marvel, Tintin and DC have felt a mighty boom in the last 5 years.

blog.php-457 Giorgio Cavazzano - original cover of Topolino edition 2896, May 21 2001, pencil and ink on cardboard, signed

blog.php-462 Alex Ross - Hulk, sketches and studies, Marvel, pencil on paper, signed

If cartoons and comics don't quite leap out of the page for you, a selection of film posters featuring Laurel and Hardy, Sophia Loren and Marilyn Monroe will also feature.

blog.php-458 Hitchcock's "Notorious" starring Ingrid Bergman, 1950, 33.5 x 48.5 cm

blog.php-459 "A close shave" with Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, first Italian edition, 1935, 49.5 x 34.5 cm

blog.php-460 "La tua bocca brucia" ("Don’t Bother to Knock") starring Marilyn Monroe, 35 x 48.5 cm

blog.php-463 "La Donna del Fiume" starring Sophia Loren, 1955, 100 x 139.5 cm

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