We want to share with you our highlights of Lots Road’s upcoming auction, of which there are many.

Knoll Saarinen Tulip Table
Designer Eero Saarinen (1920-1961) was literally born into design royalty. Son to famous architect, and Cranbrook Academy of Arts director Eliel Saarinen, and textile artist Loja Saarinen, Eero was surrounded by design before he could say the word ‘table’.

As a teenager he helped his father with design for the Cranbrook campus. In 1929 he left for Paris for sculpture studies, before enrolling in the Yale architecture program. After, he returned to Cranbrook to teach.

At Cranbrook he met fellow designer Charles Eames, where the pair became great friends, collaborating and pushing each other creatively. He also met Florence Knoll (then Schust). The two became very close, with Knoll describing Saarinen as her most honest and harshest critic. When she joined the Knoll company in the 1940s, it was an easy choice for her to invite him to design for the company.

Perhaps the most famous of the collaboration were the Tulip chairs and tables. Both alike this table on auction at Lots Road, with a marble top and a white painted base, from 1956. It has an estimate between 800-1200 GBP.

Frem Rølje Roundette Chairs
This set of four Roundette Chairs were created by Hans Olsen. A danish design from the 1950s - does it get any better?

Olsen's Bikini Chair of 1968. Image: Pinterest Olsen's Bikini Chair of 1968. Image: Pinterest

Hans Olsen (1919-1992) was a danish furniture designer. He studied under Kaare Klint at the Royal Danish Academy’s Furniture School. In 1953 he set up his own studio. One of his more notable designs was the Bikini Chair of 1968, in bent laminated wood.

Although he wasn’t mainstream in terms of modern danish design, Olsen designed a range for furniture manufacturers - one of them was Frem Rølje. One of the results of this collaboration were the Roundette Chairs.

Leaving furniture behind us, we continue our journey into art. Lots Road offers modern and contemporary paintings and lithographs from legends such as Pablo Picasso and Marc Chagall, as well as more newly discovered artists.

‘Children playing’
We frequently write about classical painting and antiques originating from Russia - but often neglect contemporary Russian art and artists.

This is ‘Children playing’ by Moscow born Dima Dmitriev. Dima got his education in Prague, and soon became a renowned upcoming artist in Europe. He has since participated in collective and solo exhibitions in Europe, North America and Asia.

Dima says his paintings represents a kind of ‘visual paradise’, created by extracting colours, light, texture and feeling from actual places, concentrating them into intense idealized worlds.

Dima rarely uses a brush, preferring the palette knife. By using a black canvas as a base, instead of white, he intensifies the depth and saturation. His impressionistic approach combined with his skill with colour and palette knife creates vibrant and sculptural works, often focusing on nature, the sea and childhood - which are all very apparent in ‘Children playing’.

‘Shytma Boy’
Matt Small’s ‘Shytma Boy’, mixed media on aluminium, immediately captured our attention.

Primarily a painter, Matt Small has a strong and compelling style. He often uses discarded objects, such as old signs or car doors instead of canvases for his art. He says ‘The theme of my work is young, dispossessed people: individuals who feel undervalued, who don’t have a voice, who get looked over.’

Small gives his sitters colours, expression and faces, sharing them with the world. He ends by saying ‘...Let’s look at their potential, at the cope that’s in all of them.

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