Venduehuis der Notarissen, established in 1811, one of the oldest auction houses in the Netherlands, is merging with van Stockum's auctions. The latter was established in 1833 as an antiquarian bookshop and went on to hold book and works on paper auctions. The auction house part of the business was owned by the van Stockum family and in 1906, the auction house separated from the bookshop. After the Second World War, the auction house began to hold art and antique auctions. From 1979 until 2016, Dr. Pruimers was at the helm of van Stockum's Auctions.

Peter Meefout Image via Peter Meefout
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Both companies will be under the management of Peter Meefout, with both members of the Van Stockum and Venduehuis team continuing to work in their specialist areas at the auction houses.