16-2 Jacobus Hendrik Pierneef, Karoo near Hofmeyer, 1930

JH Pierneef's breathtaking Karoo near Hofmeyer, painted in 1930 probably whilst he was travelling to gather visual documentation for the new Park Station panel commission.

63 Irma Stern, Malay Girl, 1946

No selection of South African art is complete without Irma Stern and this sale is no exception. Stern's Malay Girl, painted in 1946 after a second sojourn in Zanzibar, shows one of the treasured woven raffia mats she included in her Zanzibar book and exhibitions to evoke the island that so inspired her. The painting’s great appeal results from Stern's ability to empathise with her sitter, gaining sufficient trust to capture the young girl in an unguarded moment. What is conveyed is the idyllic nature of youth – her intelligence, confidence and curiosity.

11-2 Alexis Preller, Profile Figures (Mirrored Image) 1967

Alexis Preller's painting, Profile Figures (Mirrored Image) from 1968, was so highly regarded that it was selected by the artist and Dr Albert Werth, the then-director of the newly built Pretoria Art Museum, to be prominently displayed on Preller's acclaimed retrospective of 1972. Its installation at the front entrance, to be seen directly on entering the exhibition, is keenly remembered by art historian and artist, Professor Karel Nel, whose authoritative catalogue text provides unique insights into this rare work.

60 Dan Halter, Black Light, 2006

24 Robert Hodgins , Afternoon in Istanbul, 1989/90

As well as these leading names in South African art, the sale features modestly priced works. Works with estimates under £6 000 include a politically-charged neon light creation as well as a charming coloured etching by Robert Hodgins.

40 Walter Battiss, Matthews

45 Ed Young, My Gallerist Made Me Do It, 2012

Nudes are well represented in the sale by friend of Picasso, Battiss. Works by Battiss in the sale challenge the concept of ''gender-norms.'' Ed Young's rather tongue-in-cheek self-portrait entitled My Gallerist Made Me Do It will be sure to have collectors of contemporary sculpture reaching for the paddle.

The sale will take place on 31st October, 2016. Check out the full catalogue here.