The total was £130.4m, a figure lower than the £142.2 to £202.6 million estimate, with 84.5% of lots selling.

b08ed627696b987925d557ee5798cf9f_0539d1f7f3ef804162ca921f2dc85e8a2000x1144_quality99_o_19p65lrnhih6v2qr2j14hc1hkba Francis Bacon, Three Studies for Self-Portrait, 1980
Image via Sotheby's

Included in the sale was Three Studies for Self-Portrait, 1980 by Francis Bacon, which was owned by Belgian Jacques Casier, sold for £30 million. Casier and his wife purchased the piece in 1975 and 1980, not long after they had been painted, at Marlborough gallery.

The disappointment of the night was Bacon's Study for a Pope I, 1961. The piece carried an estimate of £25-35 million, but failed to be purchased.

Lot-14-Bacon-Study-for-Pope-I Francis Bacon Study for a Pope I, 1961
Image via Sotheby's

warhol-dollar-bill-sothebys Andy Warhol hand-painted dollar bill, 1962
Image via Sotheby's

Warhol's dollar bills, which have emblazoned all promotions for the sale, sold for a total of £34.3 million. Included was a rare hand-painted edition from 1962 which exceeded its pre-sale estimate of £13-18 million as it sold for £20.9 million.

Larry Gagosian picked up the 1981 silkscreen featuring 20 dollar signs for £6.9 million.

Lot-17-Richter-A-B-Brick-Tower Gerhard Richter, A.B Brick Tower, 1987
Image via Sotheby's

Following Christie's Contemporary sale the night before, more bad news came in the market for RichterStadtbild M 6 failed to sell whilst Portrait Schmela, sold for £3.3 million, less than its estimate. However, all was not lost, as A.B Brick Tower, 1987, sold in the middle of its £12-16 million estimate at £14 million.

Lot-6-Auerbach-Head-of-Gerda-Boehm Frank Auerbach, Head of Gerda Boehm, 1961
Image via Sotheby's

A record was set for Frank Auerbach as Head of Gerda Boehm, 1961. A handful of dealers were reaching for their paddles with Chris Eykyn winning the work on paper for £2.2 million, an incredible price against the £250 000-350 000 estimate.

sdpSothebys Protestors outside Sotheby's
Image via Simon de Pury/Instagram

Away from the sale room, members of the union United Voice of the World (UVW) who represent the cleaning service Sotheby's has recently stopped using, gathered.