The first piece is a rare original 1922 Constitution Committee photograph. The photograph was taken in the Shelbourne Hotel in room 112, which is now know as The Constitution Room. The photograph was presented to members of the committee. From left to right in the image the members are:  R.J.P. Mortished (Secretary); John O'Byrne, B.L.; C.J. France; Darrell Figgis (Acting Chairman) ;Ned Stephens, B.L. (Secretary); P.A. O'Toole, B.L. (Secretary); James Mac Neill (sic); Hugh Kennedy, K.C.; James Murnahan (sic), B.L. and James Douglas. The piece has an excellent provenance as it was once the  property of the Secretary of the Committee Ronald JP Mortished.

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The second piece of history in the sale is a signed typescript letter from a Dublin firm of solicitors to 'Countess Plunkett, H.M. Prison, Mountjoy' dated 29 May 1916, 1 pp, saying they have an appointment with the Military Authorities in the morning to finalise arrangements for her release, and they hope to call on her afterwards with the outcome.

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The 'Countess Plunkett' referred to here is Mary Josephine, wife of George Noble Plunkett (a Papal Count), and mother of Joseph Mary Plunkett, who was executed on May 4 after signing the Proclamation of the Irish Republic and taking part in the Rising. Countess Plunkett was not politically active, but was arrested on the Saturday of Easter Week while trying to get to Dublin Castle in search of news. Her husband was on the fringes of Sinn Fein, and in April 1916 he went to Rome to discuss the Irish nationalist cause with Pope Benedict. The Countess was held in Mountjoy for some weeks, and the couple were then deported to Oxford (under wartime regulations) for nine months. Probably the British just wanted to keep them out of circulation until the situation in Dublin had stabilised. Count Plunkett later became a member of the First Dail, and continued for some years to promote his own interpretation of the Irish national cause. This document suggests a degree of paranoia among the authorities in the aftermath of the Rising.

The sale will take place on Monday 14th December in the Castlecomer Saleroom, Kilkenny, Ireland.

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