Zarzoso-Triptych Zarzoso Triptych

Little is known about the artist who painted the depiction of the birth of Christ, which is renowned for its deep colours and beautifully gilded frames. Experts suggest it was painted by a Northern European artist coined "the Master of the Zarzoso Triptych" who's work falls within the Flemish style.

It was painted in the Spanish province of Castilla around 1450 and for many years it stood in the Zarzoso nunnery in Salamanca, which in turn has meant it is extremely well preserved.

The triptych has been exhibited at the Prado museum in a showcase which focuses on eighteen other works from the collection of businessman José Álvarez Fisa, a long-standing member of the Prado's Royal Board of Trustees, who died that same year. Twelve of the works were donated, whilst six others, including the triptych were on a temporary loan. Without any governmental subvention the museum purchased the piece,  a rare occurrence in Spain.

Álvarez Fisa heirs will receive the funds in yearly installments over the next four years which are exempt from interest.