blog.php-282 White gold choker necklace with diamond

The sale on 9th, features a variety of jewellery from different periods, showcasing a range of styles. On 10th, as well as jewellery, watches, pens, coins, vintage silver objects, antique ivory carvings, miniatures, painting, antiques and other collectibles objects will be going under the hammer.

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blog.php-283 Solitaire ring with a large brilliant-cut diamond with a platinum mount 8 claw

blog.php-284 Elegant bracelet art-deco style
Inspired by the era of Cartier design. Made of white gold and studded articulated emeralds and sapphires fine cut 'leaves', and white rhinestones forming a geometric pattern.

blog.php-285 Rose gold ring with large oval cut amethyst, 14.24 ct

blog.php-286 Earrings in white gold with amethysts

blog.php-287 Bracelet in white gold with brilliant decorated with plant motifs in bright white pavé

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