Cindy Chao's Ballerina Butterfly which was created in collaboration with Sarah Jessica Parker will be offered in Sotheby's Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite sale in Hong Kong on 7th October.

The sale will benefit the New York City Ballet. Taiwanese artist-jeweller Chao and actress Sarah Jessica Parker met 3 years ago at Chao's Masterpieces exhibition in Beijing. Chao admired Parker's "unique eye for fashion and style" whilst Parker commented on the partnership: ''It was an extraordinary occasion, and we spent two or three days together, during which time I became familiar with Cindy's unique art, and was taken with the tender person she is. You can't plan or plot it, we became friends and sisters."



The pair created the Ballerina Buttefly which Chao offered to be sold to benefit the New York City Ballet, a cause close to Parker's heart as she is a board member of the Ballet.

The butterfly is inspired by Chao's visit backstage at Opera Garnier where in the rehearsal room she noticed butterflies carved on the pillars. The delicate nature of the butterflies too reminded her of the elegance of ballerinas.



Chao and Parker worked from opposite sides of the world with Chao visiting New York to work with Parker on the piece. The body of the piece is made from titanium and detailed with fancy brown and coloured diamonds. The piece has a wonderful texture as it consists of brilliant cuts and rough diamond slices, all accented with three conch pearls. The pearls were included to evoke femininity whilst the stones included are the birthstones of Parker's children.

Chao's process begins by painting the design on black paper and then modeling the piece by hand with wax. The jewels are then handcrafted by her dedicated artisans in Geneva.

Parker remarked on how following this process was a revelation that has helped her to understand "why people covet and value these art jewels."

She was impressed by Chao's single-handed creation: "Jewellery houses are manned by hundreds of people, but Cindy does everything herself."

"Jewellery is part of the portrait you're painting when leaving the house."

"I couldn't believe it when I saw it. It was a ballerina. Really so decadent, so extravagant,
so beautiful," said Parker of the finished piece.