The circular shape of the piece was inspired by gold and silver bottles made in the Middle East. The Chinese word for Moon Flask: ''Baoyue'' translate to ''embracing the moon,'' inspired by the flat, circular shape of the piece. The two arched handles are referred to as the ''embrace'' created between the neck and the body.

The Moon Flask originates from 15th century China, and for centuries was brought back to Europe, where is inspired British ceramicists and intrigued European collectors.


In the 19th century, Royal Worcester of Stoke-on-Trent, enjoyed great success, emulating antiquated Chinese designs such as the Moon Flask. This pair of 19th century Moon flasks will be coming up for auction at Windsor Auctions, Berkshire, on 22nd April. The pair have been estimated to sell for between £500-700.

Rare examples of Moon Flasks have been now to sell in excess of the million pound mark. For example, back in 2013, a 250 year-old example which had been brought back to Britain by an Edinburgh shipping merchant, fetched nearly £1.5 million at auction when it hit the saleroom at Bonhams.

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