Yak-Face, a Luke Skywalker figurine with a faulty lightsaber and a rare cardboard box were all stars in the 600-object sale. The auction, playfully named "Return of the NIGO," was just a small section of Japanese designer Tomoaki Nagao's Star Wars collection. Nagano, aka NIGO, is the brainpower behind Billionaire Boys Club and A Bathing Ape.

The total for the sale held last Friday was $505 202, with the best lot of the night a multipack of seven figurines from The Empire Strikes Back which was exclusively sold at Sears in Canada. The set included Boba Fett, Luke Skywalker and Lando Calrissian and tripled its estimate as it reached a final price of $32 500.

Rare items proved fruitful in the sale as a 1977 store display from an 'Early Bird Certificate Package' sold for $20 000. As only five were ever made, the rarity of the cardboard box was the reason it made such waves.

A Luke Skywalker action figure with a double-telescoping lightsaber sold for $25 000 due to the fact the that at the time of production, manufacturers Kenner realised the lightsaber was prone to breaking and therefore production was ceased. NIGO's Skywalker was one of only 20 left in the world.

With Star Wars fever heating up, could you have a treasure trove in your loft? In the toy market, recalled and niche items are where the big money is to be made.

Leicester-based toy company Palitoy Star Wars figurines and playsets are highly collectable, with many having them at home without even realising. In a report by LV= insurance*, one in twenty households could have Star Wars memorabilia at home. In a poll of 2 000 people by LV=*,  36% of people own ''collectible'' toys such as Beanie Babies, whilst 5% own Star Wars pieces.

*Statistics from LV= insurance cited from The Telegraph.

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