240350_0 A black Vantage brand turtleneck owned by Steve Jobs. The shirt is printed across the front with the NeXT company logo and on across th back with "1980s: Personal Computing/ 1990s: Interpersonal Computing." Size XL. PROVENANCE From the caretakers of the Jackling House (1984-1990)

The jumper, which became part of Job's trademark stage look at the launch of new Apple products, will be sold in Julien's ''Icons & Idols: Hollywood 2016 Featuring The Collection of Jane Fonda & Harold Lloyd’s Rogues’ Gallery.''

Jobs' bathrobe, electric razor, a sweatshirt and Jobs' legendary turtleneck featuring a NeXT logo, which has an estimate of $1000-3000, will all be on sale until 23rd September.

The turtleneck reads on the back: ''1980s: Personal Computing / 1990s: Interpersonal Computing.'' The piece truly is the ultimate piece of memorabilia for any Apple collectors.