Photo:Tajan. Photo:Tajan.

Tajan’s upcoming sale can be described as a real marathon auction as they will be presenting antique paintings, timepieces, gold and leather goods, as well as modern and contemporary art. The busy program will end on 29th June with a sale of fine wines and spirits. This session is organized by the specialized department of the auction house, currently highlighted by the French tv channel France.TV 5.

The session Old Master paintings will mark the start of the auction with a total of 80 lots gathering masterpieces from Italian, French and Dutch schools.
Apollonio di Giovanni was a Florentine painter of the mid-15th century. Giovanni ran a workshop specialized in creating “Cassoni”, beautiful wedding chests of Italian origin. This exceptional “Madonna and Child” piece illustrates the imposing figure of Virgin Mary sitting on a stone bench, carrying the naked child on her lap. At their sides we can see Saint Francis of Assisi, accompanied by the archangel Michael. The angel is represented here as a young man, with his wings lowered at his sides. The gothic influences, as well as Apollonio’s understanding of the new Renaissance language are both essential components of 15th century art.

Tajan’s first session also features a work by Jean-Léon Gérôme, a French painter born in 1804. This second Madonna and Child themed painting is an earlier model of a later work by Gérôme which he painted in 1848.

The session dedicated to jewelry and timepieces are scheduled for 20th and 21st June, and includes extraordinary collectors’ items.
A superb selection of jewelry signed René Boivin is the session’s highlight. Boivin was born in Paris in 1864 and immersed himself in the world of jewelry and gold at an early age. In 1893 he married Jeanne Poiret, one of the first female jewellers of the 20th century.

René Boivin, Emerald Scales Ring , Cachette Necklace. Photo: Tajan. René Boivin, Emerald Scales Ring, Cachette Necklace. Photo: Tajan.

The pieces from the two designers collaboration are considered the most daring and ingenious fashion designs of the 1900s. After Boivin’s death in 1917 Jeanne took control over the firm together with the couple’s daughter, Germaine, and designer Juliette Moutard. The firm was reinstalled at Avenue de l'Opera, and joined by Suzanne Belperron in 1921. The four women strived to perpetuate the Boivin brand through iconic creations, with inspiration often drawn from nature.

Tajan’s outstanding lots include a mermaid crystal clip, several rings and an enchanting necklace from 1990.

For collectors of vintage watches, there are several pieces to look out for. Among them are a Omega Speedmaster REF. CK 2998-3 produced in 1961. The sale also include a Audemars Piguet Ref.25798OR, which comes from an edition of only 25 copies.

Omega Speedmaster REF. CK 2998-3. Photo: Tajan. Omega Speedmaster REF. CK 2998-3. Photo: Tajan.

Audemars Piguet, Ref.25798OR. Photo: Tajan. Audemars Piguet, Ref.25798OR. Photo: Tajan.

On 26th June, exquisite leather goods will be up for auction. High end fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton and Dior will dominate the sale, while fine Hermès pieces will offer buyers a wide selection of bags, belts, scarfs and other accessories, such as this pink Constance bag from 2013.

Regarding Tajan’s selection of art, 27th and 26th June constitutes the defining days of the auction and will feature the major artists of 20th century art. One of the sessions will be dedicated to Impressionist and Modern art, the other to contemporary artists.

Georges Rouault's Harlequin (Rose Harmony) was created around 1948-1952, towards the end of the artist’s life and career. Rouault’s work is clearly associated with the movements of Fauvism and Expressionism, and uses human nature as its central theme. The oil painting is part of one of Rouault’s series of countless portraits varying in subjects.

Georges Rouault, "Harlequin (Rose Harmony)" 1848-1952. Photo: Tajan. Georges Rouault, "Harlequin (Rose Harmony)" 1848-1952. Photo: Tajan.

Among other influential artists of the 20th century, important paintings by Felix Vallotton, Fernand Léger and Joan Miró will be presented at Tajan, alongside sculptors such as François Pompon and Henry Moore, whose pieces have decorated public spaces across the world.
Postwar and contemporary artists will be honoured by a selection meticulously prepared by the Tajan experts. Thus, the work of Niki de Saint Phalle, Keith Haring and Andy Warhol to name a few, will be represented within reach of collectors.

Keith Haring, "Freud Drawings," 1989. Photo: Tajan. Keith Haring, "Freud Drawings," 1989. Photo: Tajan.

Among these 39 lots, there is an incredible bronze sculpture by Alexander Calder entitled Tightrope Worker (Woman on a Cord). The piece, though it is made in a different medium than Calder’s genius mobiles, stems from the same idea as the mobiles and revolutionized the world of sculpture. This innovative approach consists of using air currents and the weight of the material to animate his sculptures. Beyond human figures, like the woman balancing on a string, Calder is known worldwide for his poetic arrangements of colourful geometric shapes that convey a sense harmony and tranquility.

Alexander Calder, "Tightrope Worker (Woman on a Cord), 1944-1969. Photo: Tajan. Alexander Calder, "Tightrope Worker (Woman on a Cord), 1944-1969. Photo: Tajan.

As Tajan ends its season, collectors, vintage fashion hunters, art enthusiasts and auction newbies in search for the perfect object, we can assure you there will be something for everyone.
The full catalog can be found and downloaded here.
In the meantime, you’ll find Tajan’s whole range on Barnebys.