Grisebach's sale on 1st to 4th June will feature 19th century art, as well as modern and contemporary, with a sale held on 4th with works exclusively under € 3 000, perfect for new collectors. Check out some of Germany's most important artists from the epic 4 day sale.

blog.php-400 EMIL NOLDE (1867 Nolde - 1956 Seebüll) Weiße Wolken, 1926

The expressionist painter Emil Nolde (born Hans Emil Hansen) celebrated his North Frisian homeland throughout his life. His works often depict the landscapes of northern Germany and Denmark.

blog.php-401 OTTO MUELLER (1874 Liebau, Schlesien - 1930 Breslau) - Zwei Mädchen mit gegabeltem Baum

The expressionist painter and lithographer Otto Mueller is known for his images of slender figures in muted colours. Mueller was part of the Die Brücke (The Bridge) a group of German expressionist artists formed in Dresden in 1905.

blog.php-402 KAZUO SHIRAGA (1924 – Amagasaki – 2008) – Colourful autumn leaves, 1991

The Japanese artist Kazuo Shiraga described his technique as "action painting" for which the artist uses force rather than brushstrokes to apply paint. There's no doubting that Jackson Pollock was a clear inspiration for Shiraga.

blog.php-403 PAULA MODERSOHN-BECKER (1876 Dresden - 1907 Worpswede) - Fünf Kinder an einem Hang, rechts Elsbeth, 1902

Paula Modersohn-Becker spent most of her artistic life in the artist municipality of Worpswede, northeast of Bremen. Modersohn-Becker's stepdaughter Elsbeth, often served as a subject for her works.

blog.php-404 ADOLPH MENZEL (1815 Breslau - 1905 Berlin) - Emilie in red blouse, circa 1850

Adolph Menzel is one of the greatest realist painters of the 19th century. Menzel’s best-known works are his paintings of scenes from the life of Frederick the Great. The painting on sale at Grisebach features the artist's sister.

blog.php-405 GEORGE GROSZ (1893 - Berlin - 1959) - Drinnen und Draußen, 1925

George Grosz' socially critical works focus on the Weimar Republic, in particular, the misery of the working class juxtaposed with the hedonism of the Roaring Twenties.

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