With no buyer's premium, the winning bidder will pay only what they had bid. This selection of African Art features objects from multiple cultures, a wide array of price ranges, and various museum quality items. Check out some of Barnebys top picks from one of the finest African Art auctions to hit the market this year.

00193_antique-royal-beaded-elephant-headdress-02 Antique Royal Beaded Elephant Headdress 2
Estimate: £1 900 - £3 400

Circa 1910-1930. Bamelike, Cameroon. This textile sculpture features stitched glass beads on a cloth panel, and includes raffia and indigo materials. It was once used as part of the ceremonies of the Royal Elephant Society.

00193_superb-female-baule-shrine-figure-by-the-asher-master Superb Female Baule Shrine Figure by the Asher Master
Estimate: £11 400 - £22 800

Circa 1890-1910. Baule, Côte d'Ivoire. Carved from a known hand, the 'Asher Master,' this is a expertly carved and refined wooden female figure. This is one of the few remaining figures from this workshop. The lot includes a tiny lost wax caste brass bead and beautiful etched details.

00193_superb-face-mask-of-bird-spirit-ge-gon-ex-charles-davis-iii Superb Face Mask of Bird Spirit ge gon ex. Charles Davis III
Estimate: £4 500 - £9 000

Circa 1880-1900. Dan, Côte d'Ivoire/Liberia. This is a Ge Gon mask that exists only with the northern Dan and neighboring tribes. It has the characteristic oval or slit eyes and large beak, depicting a hornbill bird. The piece has been constructed from one piece of wood.

Dynamic Figure of the Poro Society Estimate: £1 140 - £2 650 Dynamic Figure of the Poro Society
Estimate: £1 140 - £2 650

Circa 1920-1940. Senufo, Côte d'Ivoire. This piece is believed to have once been placed atop a sacred staff from Poro Society of the Senufo. It represents the Kolotyolo figure from the Senufo creation myth. It is a female figure with an extended stomach and carved lines extending from the navel.

00193_modernist-inspiring-lwalwa-face-mask-mvondo-2 Modernist-Inspiring Lwalwa Face Mask Mvondo
Estimate: £3 400 - £6 850

Circa 1910-1930. Bene Lwalwa, Democratic Republic of Congo. This Mvondo face mask is larger than most other examples of Lwalwa masks. It shows signs of pigment stains on the face, and is aged, signs which proved it has been used.