Jewellery, coins and watches
Opening the week will be the jewellery and coin auction, which will take place on 18th April  at the Historia Auktionshaus Berlin office. The highlights of this first session include a platinum ring with a large 6ct diamond and a diamond-studded Rolex GMT-Master 2.

As previously mentioned the prices will vary- with over 500 lots ranging from 100-500 euros, we’re sure that even the tightest of budgets can find something suitable. The following day will bring a wide selection of wrist and pocket watches, as well as a collection of 160 coins from different periods.

Silverware, watches and sculptures
During the same day (Thursday 19th) Historia will auctions off a total of 852 items including: silver objects, timepieces and sculptures.

Among the silverware you will find a magnificent centerpiece of German origin dating back to the 19th century with a starting price of 1,800 euros. Followed by a eccentric spice rack in the shape of a tower originating from Austria. The piece, dating back to 1862, recalls the Jewish tradition of spice-holders used during Shabbat.

Modern and Contemporary art
On Friday, 20th April it’s time for the Modern and Contemporary art auction. Here you will find paintings ranging from the 19th and 20th century up until to today’s contemporary pieces. If you are more of a traditionalist, there will be a section dedicated to art created before the eighteenth century.

Among the works of ancient and new masters there are some that deserve a special acknowledgement. Like the beautiful view of "Brocken" by the hand of Ernst Helbig (1802-1866) or the great painting by Prussian Otto Pankok portraying a patron at a tavern counter.

The 17th century section of paintings and drawings covers a wide range of countries: from France with François Gabriel Guillaume Lepaulle and Charles Théodore Sauvageot, and Germany with Otto Pippel and Max Hoenow. To Denmark by Frederik Christian Jacobsen Kiærskou and the Netherlands with W. Verhave.

The contemporary art catalog is heterogeneous, with lots ranging from 80 to 15,000 euros. A highlight of the collection is two beautiful photographs by Massimo Vitali (b. 1944) from 1998 and Spencer Tunick. Coming from the Ernst Hilger Gallery in Vienna, the work has a starting price of 15,000 euros.

It’s followed by Hubert Schmalix (b. 1952) with his large oil painting "Schmalix 03" with a starting price at 7,500 euros.

Porcelain, glass and crystal
On 25th April the auction marathon will continue with a wide selection of porcelain, glass and crystal objects and on the following day, 26th April, it’s time for collector’s items. And like this wasn’t enough, the Historia Auktionhaus will end this busy month with its Asian auction at 27th April featuring objects, furniture and carpets. What a finale!

The catalogues and auction schedule can be accessed online at the Historia Auktionshaus website. You can participate and make offers straight from your living room.

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