From 16th century European Master drawings to Danish Golden Age drawings during the 19th century, the collection of Benjamin Wolff (1790-1866) makes up the largest internationally oriented and privately-owned collection of drawing in Denmark. After being exhibited in both Paris and London this spring, it is now time to prepare for the auction taking place in Copenhagen this 30th May.

Benjamin Wolff's profession was as a lawyer, however, is great interest laid with the art and over the course of 30 years, he assembled an extraordinary collection. The over 2,000 drawings that make up the collections have not been exhibited to the public more than in two minor shows in the 1980's. The family has kept the collection unpublished for five generations. Bruun Rasmussen had the honour to sell the Indian drawings from the collection in 2016 and will now take on the quest to sell the European part of the drawings.

The collection, made up of drawings, purchased by Wolff on his travels testifies to his international perspective on the world. Composed of drawings by the neoclassical painter Johan Zoffany, Italian draughtsman Bartolomeo Passarotti and Danish Golden Age painter C.W. Eckersberg - just to mention a few - this collection has the quality of belonging to any world-class art museum in the world.

Another well-kept secret featured in the sale is Camille Pissarro (1852-1855) portrait of a young boy that has been unknown to the public until today. The painting by the French Impressionist Pissarro was given to the procurator in Charlotte Amalie on St. Thomas, The Danish West Indies - today the American Virgin Islands -  Hermann Meier Hjernøe (1823-1877), as a gift sometime before 1855. Since then it has stayed in the family and is hence, being sold for the first time this summer.

At Bruun Rasmussen this spring and early summer you will also find both Asian antiques from the 16th - 19th century, as well as an extensive section of Asian contemporary art, highlighted with works by Fang Lijun and Takashi Murakami.

Moving on to Scandinavian furniture the 20th century is being represented by the Danish masters Finn Juhl, Flemming Lassen and Jacob Hermann.

And of course, Paul Newman will attend the party. In the impressive selection of wristwatches being sold on May 31st a Rolex Daytona Cosmograph "Paul Newman" ref. 6241 from 1971, identical to the original watch owned by the American actor.

Here you can find all Bruun Rasmussen's catalogues at Barnebys!